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Have you ever received an estimate for re-roofing or roof repair on your home? Is it easy to read and detailed, or is it one sheet of paper with just a few sentences? At CC&L Roofing Company every estimate that we send is extremely detailed in multiple pages, so you know just what you are getting. We detail every step of the roof project, from the roof tear off and disposal to the types of roof flashings, accessories, and materials we will be using. Even our roof repair and maintenance contracts are detailed and describe the work step by step, so you can be confident that you are getting exactly what you pay for. If you have any questions on your proposal, you can give us a call or email to discuss it with the estimator, or have us come out and meet with you to discuss the details in person. Not happy with the roof estimate you have gotten from another roofing contractor? Call CC&L Roofing Company for a free estimate today!

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